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Job Description:

  • 1) Demonstrates merchandise and products to customers to promote sales: Displays product and explains features to customers.

  • 2) Answers customer's questions about product.

  • 3) Demonstrates use or production of product and simultaneously explains merits to persuade customers to buy product.

  • 4) May perform duties described under SALESPERSON Master Title.

  • 5) May suggest product improvements to employer.

  • 6) May use graphic aids, such as charts, slides, or films, to facilitate demonstration.

  • 7) May give product samples to customers.

  • 8) May conduct guided tours of plant where product is made.

  • 9) May train other demonstrators.

  • 10) May visit retail store or customer's home to demonstrate products.

  • 11) May be designated according to type merchandise demonstrated as Bakery Demonstrator; Ceramic-Maker Demonstrator; Cosmetics Demonstrator; Food Demonstrator; Glassware-Maker Demonstrator; Housewares Demonstrator.




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