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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles precut rubberized fabric, gum-rubber ply stocks, and wiring elements to make electric deicers for airplanes: Determines location for rubber ply stock and wiring elements on building form, following guidelines on form or using template and blueprints.

  • 2) Positions rubber ply stocks and element in specified sequence on building form, and secures them in place with rubber cement.

  • 3) Solders wire element connections at specified locations.

  • 4) Compresses assembled ply stocks with roller to remove wrinkles and promote adherence.

  • 5) Cuts and cements strips of gum rubber around wires for insulation and reinforcement.

  • 6) Trims excess ply stock from assembled deicer with knife.

  • 7) May verify electrical resistance of deicer by clamping deicer lead wires to testing device.

  • 8) May cover deicer with nylon blanket and tape it to building form.

  • 9) May assemble pneumatic deicers and be designated Deicer Assembler, Pneumatic.




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End Of Job Description for: "DEICER ASSEMBLER, ELECTRIC"
DOT:   739.684-050

Job Number: 2753