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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends equipment that dehairs slaughtered hogs preparatory to dressing: Turns steam and water valves to fill scalding tank with water and heat it to specified temperature.

  • 2) Starts machine conveyors, and releases hogs shackled to overhead rail to drop them into tank by tripping lever on shackle or prying shackle loose with steel bar.

  • 3) Pushes hogs through vat and into dehairing machine, using pole, or hooks hog's leg to conveyor chain that pulls hog through tank and dehairing machine.

  • 4) May cut slit in leg to expose tendon for hooking to conveyor chain.

  • 5) Opens exit door of machine and pulls carcass onto conveyor.

  • 6) May be known according to specific task performed as Dropper, Dehairing Machine; Feed-in Tender, Dehairing Machine; Pull-Through Hooker; Scalder.




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End Of Job Description for: "DEHAIRING-MACHINE TENDER"
DOT:   525.685-018

Job Number: 2750