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Job Description:

  • 1) Sews or glues decorative trimmings to articles, such as hats, caps, or millinery: Pulls article over block to secure article for trimming.

  • 2) Pins trimmings, such as artificial flowers, bows, and ribbons, on article, following sample or specifications.

  • 3) Cements or sews trimmings to article, according to size and type of trimming, using brush, cement gun, or needle and thread.

  • 4) Cements label inside article, using brush.

  • 5) May cut, sew, cement, or tie ribbons or cloth parts to make trimmings and be designated Braided-Band Assembler.

  • 6) May lace decorative material through precut slots and holes and be designated Hat Lacer.

  • 7) May be designated by article trimmed as Ladies'-Hat Trimmer.




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Job Number: 2738