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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following duties aboard watercraft, such as dredges, ferryboats, scows, and river boats: Handles lines to moor vessel to wharves, tie up vessel to another vessel, or rig towing lines.

  • 2) Sweeps and washes decks, using broom, brushes, mops, and firehose.

  • 3) Lowers and mans lifeboat in case of emergencies.

  • 4) Stands steering watches or lookout watches while underway.

  • 5) Moves controls or turns handwheels to raise or lower passenger or vehicle landing ramps or kelp-cutter mechanism.

  • 6) Inserts blocks under wheels of vehicles to prevent them from moving on ferryboats.

  • 7) Loads or unloads material from barges, scows, and dredges.

  • 8) Paints lifeboats, decks, and superstructure of vessel, using brush.

  • 9) Lubricates machinery and equipment.

  • 10) Splices and repairs cables and ropes, using handtools.

  • 11) Examines cables that holds vessels in tow and tightens cables to ensure vessels are snug.

  • 12) May tour decks during watch to caution passengers engaged in unsafe practices, and ensures departure of passengers at end of voyage.

  • 13) Deckhands are designated according to type of craft as Barge Hand; Dredge Deckhand; Ferryboat Deckhand; Pilot-Boat Deckhand; Scow Deckhand; Tugboat Deckhand.




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