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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks to cut gaskets, diaphragms, or parts for hydraulic valves, radios, airplane deicers, and footwear from rubber sheeting, uncured rubber slabs, plastic, or cork: Mounts sheeting roll in letoff rack by hand or with hoist and pulls sheeting from roll or positions material on table.

  • 2) Cements sheets together to build up required thickness or piles together layers for cutting multiple parts.

  • 3) Places template on material, traces outline with pencil, and cuts out parts with scissors or cuts around template with knife.

  • 4) Places cut parts on truck for removal to next process station.

  • 5) Trims top of footwear following outline of binding or flash from molded heels or soles.

  • 6) Cuts slot on side or V in front of footwear to permit insertion of foot.

  • 7) Pares excess rubber or fabric from lasted toe to reduce thickness and prevent outsole from bulging at toe.

  • 8) Stamps sizes on shoe soles, using stamp and pad, and places finished outsoles in book.

  • 9) Embosses trademark on arch, using pedal-controlled press.

  • 10) May be designated according to part cut as Outsole Cutter, Hand.




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Job Number: 2648