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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine equipped with multiple abrasive blades that cuts asbestos-cement pipe into blanks in manufacture of pipe couplings: Adjusts and spaces abrasive blades to cut pipe to specified lengths, using wrench.

  • 2) Turns crank to set hydraulic lifters that automatically raise blades that cut pipe.

  • 3) Measures diameter of pipe, using tape measure, and turns handwheel to adjust position of pressure-drive roll according to diameter of pipe being cut.

  • 4) Loads pipe onto feed rack by hand, or using monorail hoist, and rolls pipe into position over cutting blades.

  • 5) Moves lever to lower pressure-drive roll that holds and rotates pipe during cutting process.

  • 6) Presses buttons to start machine that cuts pipe into blanks.

  • 7) Moves lever and pushes button to lift pressure-drive roll and withdraw cutting blades.

  • 8) Moves lever to extend pivoted metal shaft through blanks to lift and remove coupling blanks from machine.

  • 9) Inspects and measures blanks to verify conformity to specifications.

  • 10) Marks identifying information onto blanks, using stencil, paint, and brush, and stacks pipe on steam tray.

  • 11) Records production data.




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End Of Job Description for: "CUT-OFF-SAW OPERATOR, PIPE BLANKS"
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Job Number: 2629