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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates one or more single- or multiple-blade circular saws to cut wood and wood products to specified lengths: Adjusts and secures ends and backstops on saw table, using wrench, or bolts saws to shaft and turns handwheels to space saws and stops, according to specified length of stock.

  • 2) Starts saw and places material to be cut on conveyor belt, drums, or feed chain that feeds stock into saws, or positions workpiece against end stop and under saw, synchronizing action with automatically descending blade, or pushes material on table and cuts wood, depending on type saw, utilizing one of following methods: Pulls lever to swing saw through material.

  • 3) Pushes moveable table past saw.

  • 4) Depresses treadle to raise saw through slot in machine table.

  • 5) Tilts table for angle cut and presses pedal to move saw through workpiece to cut stock.

  • 6) Replaces dull or damaged saw blades and lubricates machine, using wrench and grease gun.

  • 7) May examine material prior to cutting to determine what cuts will remove defects and produce maximum footage.

  • 8) May verify dimensions of stock cut and accuracy of cuts, using rule and square.

  • 9) May be designated according to type of saw used as Double-Cut-Off-Saw Operator; Drum-Saw Operator; Swinging-Cut-Off-Saw Operator; Table-Cut-Off-Saw Operator; Tilting-Saw Operator; Treadle-Cut-Off-Saw Operator.

  • 10) May be designated: Equalizing-Saw Operator; Multiple-Cut-Off-Saw Operator; Timber Cutter.




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End Of Job Description for: "CUT-OFF-SAW OPERATOR I"
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Job Number: 2626