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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates battery of one or more types of printing presses to print identifying data on paper sheets that are wound into tubes for shotgun shells: Places type block on press bed, arranges wooden blocks to hold it in desired position, and locks them in place by tightening wedges with key wrench.

  • 2) Wraps and clamps tympan sheet around backing cylinder and fills reservoir with ink, using putty knife.

  • 3) Fills feed tray with paper and turns valve to start suction of feed cups.

  • 4) Starts press and runs proof sheet.

  • 5) Examines it for uniformity of impression, alignment, and spacing, and feels imprint for depth.

  • 6) Builds up tympan for darker impression by inserting sheets of tissue or thicker paper between cylinder and tympan or by cutting and pasting strips over light portions.

  • 7) Mounts paper roll in rear cradle of cut and print machine, using chain hoist, and threads end through series of rollers to cutoff blade.

  • 8) Selects curved printing plates with desired wording and screws them to printing cylinder.

  • 9) Wraps and clamps tympan sheet around backing cylinder.

  • 10) Runs proof and builds up impression.

  • 11) Examines stock for deviation from color standard by holding it to light and pulling stock through fingers to determine texture.

  • 12) Measures thickness of paper and skived edges, using dial indicator, to periodically verify conformance to specifications.

  • 13) Adjusts guides, pickup fingers, and cylinder and roller alignment by trial and error, by turning setscrews, wingnuts and stopnuts, using handtools.

  • 14) Turns gears to adjust length of cut.

  • 15) Clears jammed paper from mechanism, using fingers or screwdriver.




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End Of Job Description for: "CUT-AND-PRINT-MACHINE OPERATOR"
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Job Number: 2615