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Job Description:

  • 1) Conducts surveillance, inspection, and patrol by foot, vehicle, boat, or aircraft at assigned points of entry into the United States to prohibit smuggled merchandise and contraband and to detect violations of Customs and related laws: Inspects vessels, aircraft, and vehicles at docking, landing, crossing, and entry points.

  • 2) Establishes working rapport with local residents, law enforcement agencies, and businesses.

  • 3) Observes activity and regularity of vessels, planes, cargo, and storage arrangements in assigned area.

  • 4) Gathers and evaluates information from informers and other sources.

  • 5) Locates and apprehends customs violators.

  • 6) Assists in developing and testing new enforcement techniques and equipment.

  • 7) Develops intelligence information and forwards data for use by U.

  • 8) S.

  • 9) Customs Service.

  • 10) Testifies in courts of law against customs violators.




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End Of Job Description for: "CUSTOMS PATROL OFFICER"
DOT:   168.167-010

Job Number: 2613