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Job Description:

  • 1) Fabricates customized skis, using knowledge of materials and techniques of production: Examines designs and confers with engineering personnel to determine production specifications.

  • 2) Computes deviations from standard specifications required to produce customized skis.

  • 3) Collects parts required and fabricates cams and core form needed to make skis, using planing machine.

  • 4) Turns knobs to adjust temperature of mold press to specified setting.

  • 5) Positions parts, such as heel pad, toe-edge, and shims in female die of mold.

  • 6) Wraps fiberglass around polyurethane foam core, pours epoxy resin over core, and positions core in female die of heated mold press for shaping.

  • 7) Removes ski from die, scrapes edge with putty knife to remove resin flash, and mounts ski in rack to stabilize camber and torsion.

  • 8) Visually inspects finish applied to skis by other production workers to ensure compliance with specifications.

  • 9) Verifies configuration of skis in repose and under stress, using micrometer, rulers, and weight-distribution measurement graph.

  • 10) Records information on materials used and techniques applied to fabricate skis.




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