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Job Description:

  • 1) Fills cushion covers with moss, hair, kapok, down, foam cushions, or spring units, using any of following methods: Stuffs loose fibers, layers of material, or foam cushions into cover with hands.

  • 2) Beats cushions with hands to smooth out lumps.

  • 3) Places layers of cotton wadding or foam cushions in forming box of stuffing machine, or tears and cuts wadding, covers cushion-spring assembly and places wrapped spring assembly in box.

  • 4) Lowers top of forming box and pushes lever or turns handwheel to close side panels and compress cushioning material.

  • 5) Slips cover over open end of forming box and depresses pedal to eject cushioning material into cover.

  • 6) Dumps down, kapok, or other fibers into hopper of blower.

  • 7) Holds end of cushion cover over spout of blower and starts blower to fill cover.

  • 8) Weighs cushion and adds or removes material to obtain cushion of specified weight.

  • 9) May sew ends of cushion covers after filling, using needle and thread or power sewing machine.




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End Of Job Description for: "CUSHION MAKER I"
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Job Number: 2593