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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls equipment to produce cuprous chloride, used as catalytic agent in chemical processes: Weighs or measures specified amounts of cuprous powder and other ingredients, and dumps materials into tank.

  • 2) Starts tank agitator and moves controls to heat and agitate ingredients to effect prescribed reaction, and to transfer product to auxiliary equipment for further processing.

  • 3) Tests filtrate for impurities, using standard chemical test equipment and procedure, and draws samples of chloride for laboratory analysis.

  • 4) Operates hydrogen-chloride coolers, condensers, and absorbers to produce and supply hydrochloric acid to reactor units, using hydrometer to verify that specific gravity is maintained within prescribed limits.

  • 5) Compiles inventory reports of materials used and consumed.

  • 6) May shovel chloride from filter tank into containers for storage or transfer to other processing areas.




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