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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates grinding machine to abrade semiconductor crystal ingot to improve cylindrical shape of ingot and attain specified diameter: Reads work order to determine target diameter of ingot.

  • 2) Measures ingot diameter, using calipers or micrometer, and calculates thickness of material to be removed from ingot and length of grinding time.

  • 3) Positions and secures ingot in trunnions or brackets on grinding machine.

  • 4) Adjusts machine controls for position of grinding tool and speed of grinding.

  • 5) Pushes buttons to activate coolant flow, rotation of ingot, grinding tool, and timer.

  • 6) Measures ingot diameter after grinding and continues grinding to attain specifications for diameter.

  • 7) May change worn grinding tools and other parts and adjust machine, using handtools.

  • 8) May attach graphite pieces to ends of ingot before grinding, using epoxy, and remove graphite and epoxy from ingot after grinding, using radiant oven and solvent.

  • 9) May operate saw to cut sample wafer from ingot for inspection.

  • 10) May perform routine maintenance on grinding machine, such as adding oil and cleaning machine.

  • 11) May operate flat grinding machine to grind flat along length of ingot and be designated Crystal Flat Grinder.




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End Of Job Description for: "CRYSTAL GRINDER"
DOT:   673.382-026

Job Number: 2551