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Job Description:

  • 1) Stacks glued crossbands alternately with core stock to assemble plywood panels for bonding, working as member of team: Grasps glue-coated crossbands as they emerge from glue spreader and places them cross-grained between back sheet, core stock, and face sheet placed by VENEER-STOCK LAYER until specified ply is obtained.

  • 2) Discards broken crossbands.

  • 3) Pushes assembled panels down conveyor to hot-plate press for bonding into plywood.

  • 4) May assist GLUE SPREADER, VENEER to clean rollers of glue spreader.

  • 5) May brush glue on irregularly shaped veneer sheets that will not fit in glue spreader.

  • 6) May assemble 3-ply panels alone, laying back sheet, glued core or inner sheet, and face sheet in sequence, and be designated Plywood Builder.




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End Of Job Description for: "CROSSBAND LAYER"
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Job Number: 2523