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Job Description:

  • 1) Compiles, verifies, and files records and forms to control issuing, blocking, or renewal of credit cards, performing any combination of following duties: Receives shipments of plastic credit card blanks and verifies totals received against invoices.

  • 2) Assigns consecutive batch numbers to blank cards and stores cards in vault.

  • 3) Issues blank cards for imprinting, on requisition, and keeps records of batch numbers issued.

  • 4) Receives new or reissued printed cards, verifies number sequence, and compares identifying data on cards with data on application files to detect errors.

  • 5) Compiles lists of cards containing errors and initiates correction forms.

  • 6) Places completed credit cards and establishment literature into envelopes for mailing.

  • 7) Receives returned cards and reviews correspondence or searches records to determine customer reasons for return.

  • 8) Receives blocking notices from officials and places designated cards in hold file until release is authorized.

  • 9) Destroys inaccurate, mutilated, undelivered, withheld, or expired cards, in presence of witnesses, using scissors.

  • 10) Compiles list of destroyed cards and records reasons for destruction, using computer.

  • 11) Occasionally verifies customers' account balances to expedite issuance or renewal of cards.

  • 12) Maintains related files and control records.

  • 13) Issues cards for automated teller machines.




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