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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks in processing crab meat for canning, freezing, or packing: Separates claws from crabs, positions claws in metal holder used to facilitate breaking claw shells, and breaks shells of claws and crabs, using knife or metal rod.

  • 2) Picks meat from shells, using knife and fingers.

  • 3) Feels meat for presence of shell and removes shell pieces by hand.

  • 4) Inspects meat for discoloration and discards meat not meeting company requirements.

  • 5) Places meat in containers for further processing.

  • 6) Gathers filled containers of meat, places containers on scale, and adds or removes meat from containers to obtain specified weight.

  • 7) Closes lids of containers, places containers in cartons, and seals cartons, using tape.

  • 8) May disjoint legs and body of large crabs, using power saw, and be known as Sawyer.

  • 9) May remove crab meat from smaller ends of leg segments, using pedal-controlled air jet, and be known as Blower.




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