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Job Description:

  • 1) Glues simulated leather, plastic, or other material over cardboard fillers to make covers for looseleaf binders, using automatic gluing machine and handtools: Fills glue reservoir, starts machine, and feeds precut sheets of material through rollers to spread glue over surface.

  • 2) Removes glued sheets and arranges them on worktable.

  • 3) Places center angle iron at specified position on glued cover sheet and presses it down on glue.

  • 4) Positions cardboard filler over cover sheet and folds protruding margins back over edges of filler.

  • 5) Presses ends of cover with flat handtool and taps corner folds with hammer to flatten and smooth them.

  • 6) Presses glued cover down over inside ends of angle iron.

  • 7) May apply paper or fabric lining over inside of covers.




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End Of Job Description for: "COVERER, LOOSELEAF BINDER"
DOT:   795.687-010

Job Number: 2469