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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends equipment that compresses powdered cosmetics, such as face powder, eye shadow, or rouge, into cakes or sticks for use in compacts or cylindrical cases by either of following methods: Spreads or brushes glue onto pans set into indentations of mold board.

  • 2) Fills individual molds with powder and pulls handle to force die into molds and compress powder.

  • 3) Positions mold on die of press and starts press that squeezes powder into cakes or sticks.

  • 4) Removes molds and dumps product onto tray to dry.

  • 5) Scoops cosmetic powder into hopper of molding and pressing machine and starts machine.

  • 6) Places molds on conveyor that carries them into machine for automatic filling and pressing.

  • 7) Shakes or brushes loose powder from cosmetic cakes ejected by machine and places them on tray to dry.

  • 8) Discards cakes having irregularities, such as bubbles, indentations, and cracks.

  • 9) Feeds mold pans into glue machine and turns preset valves to spray molds with glue and dry for reuse.




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End Of Job Description for: "COSMETICS PRESSER"
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Job Number: 2422