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Job Description:

  • 1) Lays out, cuts, bends, and assembles pipe sections, pipefittings, and other parts from copper, brass, and other nonferrous metals: Lays out full-scale floor drawings or makes templates, following blueprints of pipe assemblies.

  • 2) Builds framework on bending slab to use as guide for bending, shaping, and joining assemblies.

  • 3) Cuts pipe, using handtools or shop machinery, and packs it with sand, rosin, or other material to prevent flattening during bending.

  • 4) Heats bend area with gas torch to soften metal and bends pipe, allowing for stretch at outside radius and compression at inside radius, using pipe-bending machines.

  • 5) Reheats and hammers pipe to eliminate wrinkles resulting from bending.

  • 6) Solders or brazes flanges on end of pipe.

  • 7) Flares or bells pipe mouths, using belling and flaring tools and mallet.

  • 8) Bends tubing to form coils for parts, such as feed water or oil heater.

  • 9) Lays out patterns and templates on sheet stock, using knowledge of geometry.

  • 10) Bends, hammers, bumps, razes, and planishes sheet stock to fabricate such parts as expansion joints, tanks, heads, cowls, and air chambers, using handtools, gas torches, and shop machinery.

  • 11) Sweats, rivets, solders, or brazes seams to obtain finished part.

  • 12) Coats parts by dipping them in mixture of molten tin and lead to prevent erosion, galvanic, and electrolytic action.

  • 13) Conducts hydrostatic tests to detect leaks in fabricated pipe.

  • 14) May install piping aboard ship.




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