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Job Description:

  • 1) Replaces staves, heads, and hoops, using windlass and handtools to repair barrels: Loops cable of windlass around top of barrel and turns handle to compress staves and loosen hoops.

  • 2) Removes defective stave and inserts and aligns new stave, using wooden mallet.

  • 3) Shapes top edge of stave to conform with others, using saw to trim and spokeshave to bevel inside and outside edges.

  • 4) Cuts croze, using hand crozer.

  • 5) Replaces and tightens hoops.

  • 6) Removes head hoop, using cooper's hammer, and pries out head, using prybar.

  • 7) Inserts edge of new head in croze of staves and forces head into place by hand or using mallet.

  • 8) Replaces head hoop.

  • 9) May rebuild entire barrel.

  • 10) May loosen hoops and force caulking between staves to repair leaking stave joints.

  • 11) May plug knotholes and wormholes with wooden plugs.

  • 12) May tend machine that compresses barrel shell to facilitate removal of forming rings and placement of temporary truss hoops.

  • 13) May build new barrels, buckets, casks, kegs, and tubs, using handtools, and be designated according to type built as Slack Cooper; Tight Cooper.




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