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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates console to control automated conveyor system that receives, sorts, distributes, and conveys bulk or packaged materials or products to and from loading dock and storage area, and between departments or processes: Reads production and delivery schedules and confers with supervisor to determine sorting and routing procedures.

  • 2) Presses buttons and turns dials to start conveyor system and regulate speed of conveyors.

  • 3) Observes materials or products moving on conveyors, or observes lights on control panel to monitor flow and operation of system.

  • 4) Moves switches or pushes buttons to route order to designated areas and to raise, lower, and align conveyor with specific adjoining conveyors.

  • 5) Contacts work stations by telephone or intercom to request movement of order or to notify work stations of shipment enroute and approximate delivery time.

  • 6) Stops equipment and clears jams, using handtools.

  • 7) Observes operation to detect equipment malfunction and informs supervisor when malfunction occurs.

  • 8) May operate elevator system in conjunction with conveyor system.

  • 9) May weigh trucks and railroad cars before and after loading, or read scale that continually weighs product on conveyor to ascertain when specified tonnage has been loaded and record weight on loading ticket.

  • 10) May join sections of conveyor frames at temporary working areas and connect power units.

  • 11) May collect samples of materials for analysis.

  • 12) May lubricate moving parts of conveyors.

  • 13) May operate scoop to load materials onto conveyor.

  • 14) May record data, such as weight and type of material moved and condition of equipment.

  • 15) May be designated according to product moved as Bulk-Loader Operator; Coal-Conveyor Operator; Grain Distributor; or according to type of equipment as Grain-Elevator Operator; Screen Operator; Suction Operator.




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