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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates collating machine to perform functions such as assembling and perforating, stapling, gluing, folding, or cutting sheets of paper, forms, or signatures in specified sequence to form sets, following job specifications: Turns screws to adjust pockets and guides to accommodate sheets of paper to be collated.

  • 2) Turns dials to required graduations to set grippers and gripper feelers according to thickness of single sheets or signatures being collated, using measuring instruments.

  • 3) Turns knobs, using handtools, to set or adjust air blowers or air suction devices to required position and force to facilitate pickup of individual sheets.

  • 4) Sets indexing control to numbered position corresponding to number of sheets to be assembled or sets automatic counter at discharge end of machine.

  • 5) Turns screws to adjust speed of conveyor belt, using handtools, and installs specified jogging tray at discharge end of machine.

  • 6) Threads wire into machine to load stitcher head when sets are to be stapled.

  • 7) Fills glue reservoir and adjusts flow of glue when top edges of sets are to be glued.

  • 8) Flexes and jogs stacks of sheets to ensure sheets are in specified order and to align edges of sheets.

  • 9) Feeds sheets into machine in reverse order or places stacks of sheets in specified machine pockets.

  • 10) Replenishes pockets with sheets of paper or signatures throughout production run.

  • 11) Starts machine to verify accuracy of machine setup, following sample, and observes operation of machine throughout production run.

  • 12) Stops, resets, and restarts machine when malfunctions occur.

  • 13) Removes collated products from machine or conveyor belt and stacks products on skid or pallet.

  • 14) Records time spent on specific tasks or number of sets or book bodies collated on daily production sheet.

  • 15) Performs routine maintenance to ensure machine is in working order.

  • 16) May place rolls of paper and carbon paper onto feed spindle of roll-fed machine, using chain hoist.

  • 17) May punch holes in completed sets, using drill punch.




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