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Job Description:

  • 1) Winds coils used in electrical equipment and instruments or as electronic components, according to wiring diagrams, sample coil, or work order, using coil-winding machines and handtools: Reviews wiring diagrams and work order or examines sample coil to ascertain type and size of wire specified, and type, size, length, circumference, and primary and secondary windings of coil to be wound.

  • 2) Selects coil-forming device for specified coil and fastens device onto machine arbor, mandrel, or spindle or fastens device between chuck and tail stock.

  • 3) Threads end of wire from reel through tension device, guides, and spreader, bends wire ends to form lead, and attaches lead to coil core.

  • 4) Turns setscrews to adjust tension on wire and sets counter for number of turns specified.

  • 5) Starts machine and manually feeds wire over coil core or spreader to obtain even and uniform winding and shape of coil.

  • 6) Observes counter and stops machine at specified number of coils.

  • 7) Wraps insulation between layers and around wound coil or inserts plastic blocks between turns to form cooling ducts.

  • 8) Cuts wire to form leads, using wire or bolt cutters.

  • 9) Pounds coil with hammer or mallet to shape end windings or remove coil from fixtures.

  • 10) Winds asbestos, cotton, glass mica, paper, or tape around coil, and brushes varnish on coil or dips coil in varnish, epoxy, or wax to reinforce and seal coil.

  • 11) Strips insulation from end of lead wires, threads lead wires through insulating sleeves or slides sleeves over leads, and solders lead wires to terminals.

  • 12) May test coils for winding continuity, using test lamp.

  • 13) May cut and form insulating materials and be known as Insulator Cutter And Former; or insert insulation in core slots and be known as Insulator.

  • 14) May wind heavy ribbon, strap, or round wire over fixture to form coil and be designated Coil Former, Template; Coil Winder, Open Slot; Coil Winder, Strap.

  • 15) May be designated according to type of coil wound or work station as Armature Coil Winder; Audio-Coil Winder; Bender, Armature Coil; Bobbin-Coil Winder; Coil Finisher; Coil Taper.

  • 16) May be designated: Coil Winder, Hand; Field-Coil Winder; Filament-Coil Winder; Helix-Coil Winder; Resistor Winder; Transformer-Coil Winder.




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DOT:   724.684-026

Job Number: 2070