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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine that mixes dry ingredients to make cocoa blends and dairy powder mixes: Weighs out specified amounts of ingredients, such as sugar, powdered milk, and cocoa, according to formula, and dumps ingredients into mixing machine.

  • 2) Starts machine that mixes ingredients for specified length of time.

  • 3) Opens machine valve and starts conveyor to transfer mixed batch to storage.

  • 4) Collects sample of completed mix for laboratory analysis.

  • 5) May add ingredients and remix batch, according to laboratory recommendation.

  • 6) May be designated according to product mixed as Dairy-Powder-Mixer Operator.

  • 7) May tend panel-controlled conveyorized system that transfers measured amounts of ingredients from respective bins to continuous mixing machine and be designated Quick-Mixer Operator.




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End Of Job Description for: "COCOA-POWDER-MIXER OPERATOR"
DOT:   520.685-074

Job Number: 2055