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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs shoes damaged in manufacturing process: Inspects shoe or reads ticket to determine defects.

  • 2) Removes damaged parts, using handtools, such as knife, hammer, lasting tool, prying tool, and tack puller.

  • 3) Operates stitching machine or stitches by hand to repair broken or missed stitches and to replace parts.

  • 4) Relasts shoe to remove defects, such as wrinkles from outer parts, bunching of inner parts, and crooked seams.

  • 5) Aligns and cements parts, such as edges, bindings, heels, soles, and uppers of shoe by hand.

  • 6) May fill holes and cracks in shoes, using colored wax filler.

  • 7) May be designated according to part of shoe repaired as Cobbler, Sole; Cobbler, Upper; Lining Repairer; or according to method of shoe construction as Cobbler, McKay.




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End Of Job Description for: "COBBLER"
DOT:   788.381-010

Job Number: 2049