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Job Description:

  • 1) Applies chemical engineering principles and technical skills to assist CHEMICAL ENGINEER in developing, improving, and testing chemical-plant processes, products, and equipment: Prepares charts, sketches, diagrams, flow charts, and compiles and records engineering data to clarify design details or functional criteria of chemical processing and physical operation units.

  • 2) Participates in fabricating, installing, and modifying equipment to ensure that critical standards are met.

  • 3) Tests developmental equipment and formulates standard operating procedures.

  • 4) Tests processing equipment and instruments to observe and record operating characteristics and performance of specified design or process.

  • 5) Observes chemical or physical operation processes and recommends modification or change.

  • 6) Observes and confers with equipment operators to ensure specified techniques are used.

  • 7) Writes technical reports and submits finding to CHEMICAL ENGINEER.

  • 8) Performs preventive and corrective maintenance of chemical processing equipment.

  • 9) May prepare chemical solutions for use in processing materials, such as synthetic textiles, detergents, and fertilizers following formula.

  • 10) May set up test apparatus.

  • 11) May instruct or direct activities of technical personnel.

  • 12) May assist in developing and testing prototype processing systems and be designated Chemical-Engineering Technician, Prototype-Development.

  • 13) May assist in development of pilot-plant units and be designated Pilot-Plant Research-Technician.




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DOT:   008.261-010

Job Number: 1758