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Job Description:

  • 1) Observes horserace, calls out description of race to other worker, and records statistical and related data on race for use in racing publication: Focuses binoculars on distance markers along track during race and calls out horses' numbers, positions, estimate of distances of horses from inside rail and between horses, and related observable data for other worker to record.

  • 2) Revises record of order and distance between horses at finish line if different from intercom announcement of official results.

  • 3) Copies identifying information, such as horses' names and drivers, from racing form onto record.

  • 4) Transcribes race results, such as winning and intermediate times, purse, and prices paid to bettors from tote board onto record.

  • 5) Contacts judges, using intercom, for decisions on foul claims and notes record accordingly.

  • 6) Computes race completion times for all but winning horses, using formula.

  • 7) Mails completed record to printer for use in printing race results in racing publications.




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