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Job Description:

  • 1) Prepares graves and maintains cemetery grounds: Locates grave site according to section, lot, and plot numbers, and marks area to be excavated.

  • 2) Removes sod from gravesite, using shovel.

  • 3) Digs grave to specified depth, using pick and shovel or backhoe.

  • 4) Places concrete slabs on bottom and around grave to line it.

  • 5) Mixes and pours concrete to construct foundation for grave marker, using premixed concrete, wheelbarrow, and handtools.

  • 6) Positions casket-lowering device on grave, covers dirt pile and sod with artificial grass carpet, erects canopy, and arranges folding chairs to prepare site for burial service.

  • 7) Builds wooden forms for concrete slabs, using hammer, saw, and nails.

  • 8) Sets grave marker in concrete on gravesite, using shovel and trowel.

  • 9) Mows grass, using hand or power mower.

  • 10) Prunes shrubs, trims trees, and plants flowers and shrubs on grave, using handtools.

  • 11) Removes leaves and other debris from graves, using leaf blowers and weed eaters.

  • 12) May drive vehicles, such as backhoe, trucks, and tractors.

  • 13) May repair and maintain tools and equipment, using handtools and power tools and applying mechanical knowledge.

  • 14) May open and close mausoleum vaults, using handtools.




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End Of Job Description for: "CEMETERY WORKER"
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