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Job Description:

  • 1) Casts concrete pipe sections to mold fittings, performing combination of following duties: Tamps concrete into steel molds and smooths edges, using trowel, to cast elbows, lids, or traps.

  • 2) Places fittings on pallets or shelves to harden and adheres hardened sections to complete assembly.

  • 3) Dips hardened sections into grout to facilitate waterproofing.

  • 4) Divides pipe sections, using saw, trowel, or hammer to form Y-shapes or T-shapes and seals joints with grout.

  • 5) Transports finished fittings to yard, using handtruck.

  • 6) Mixes grout and concrete.

  • 7) Cleans and lubricates molds.

  • 8) May prepare production records.




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End Of Job Description for: "CEMENT FITTINGS MAKER"
DOT:   779.684-010

Job Number: 1622