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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls catalytic reactor to convert monovinylacetylene into unpolymerized constituent of neoprene rubber, according to knowledge of process and sequence of operations: Opens valves to admit water and nitrogen to system, removing air to prevent fires or explosions.

  • 2) Admits specified chemicals to system and observes their color to detect presence of oxygen.

  • 3) Sets valves and controllers to maintain prescribed positive pressure in system.

  • 4) Turns valves to circulate hydrogen chloride solution through gas scrubbers and to pass vaporized monovinylacetylene through solution that removes impurities.

  • 5) Starts reaction system or directs CD-REACTOR OPERATOR to start system.

  • 6) Adjusts valves, flowmeters, and automatic controllers to obtain specified equilibrium between gas feeds and to maintain pressures and temperatures within specified limits.

  • 7) Determines adjustments required to avert or correct emergency situations with minimum loss in time and yield.

  • 8) Starts condenser to remove unreacted monovinylacetylene from product.

  • 9) Inspects equipment and arranges for cleaning and repairs.

  • 10) Drains and steam-cleans processing equipment and lines during shutdowns, using steam generator and hose.

  • 11) Draws samples of products for laboratory analysis.

  • 12) Records operational data in log.




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