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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates equipment to control chemical reaction of soda ash and milk of lime to make caustic soda: Opens valves and starts pumps to fill dissolving tank with specified amounts of soda ash and milk of lime.

  • 2) Starts mixer in tank to agitate materials and dissolve solids.

  • 3) Draws sample of mixture from tank and measures its gravity with hydrometer.

  • 4) Opens water valve to dilute mixture and obtain specified concentrations according to type of product.

  • 5) Turns valves and rheostats to adjust feeding of solution to reactor tank.

  • 6) Periodically takes samples of reacting liquor and titrates samples with normal acid to determine concentration of caustic soda being formed.

  • 7) Conducts similar tests and titrations to determine salt content and concentration of various liquors.

  • 8) Clears stopped pipelines and repairs equipment, using handtools.




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