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Job Description:

  • 1) Computes and records cash receipts, issues operating funds, receives money and makes change, via pneumatic tube, to assist cashiering personnel in department store: Issues bank to cashiering stations.

  • 2) Receives, via pneumatic tube, carriers containing money and sales slips from sales departments, and makes change, using cash drawer and change dispenser.

  • 3) Records individual payments received, using adding machine.

  • 4) Inserts change into carrier and routes, via tube, for return to specified department.

  • 5) Receives bank and cash receipts from departments and c.

  • 6) o.

  • 7) d.

  • 8) collections from delivery-truck drivers, tallies cash receipts, and verifies cash against accompanying reports.

  • 9) Sorts and counts currency, checks, refunds, and gift certificates.

  • 10) Stacks currency manually and sorts, counts, and wraps coins, using machine.

  • 11) Computes totals, using adding machine, and records on daily report.

  • 12) Corrects faulty entries on individual cash reports received.

  • 13) May perform tasks without use of pneumatic tube.




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