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Job Description:

  • 1) Receives funds from customers and employees, disburses funds, and records monetary transactions in business establishment or place of public accommodation: Receives cash or checks or completes credit-card charge transactions.

  • 2) Counts money to verify amounts and issues receipts for funds received.

  • 3) Issues change and cashes checks.

  • 4) Compares totals on cash register with amount of currency in register to verify balances.

  • 5) Endorses checks and lists and totals cash and checks for bank deposit.

  • 6) Prepares bank deposit slips.

  • 7) Withdraws cash from bank accounts and keeps custody of cash fund.

  • 8) Disburses cash and writes vouchers and checks in payment of company expenditures.

  • 9) Posts data and balances accounts.

  • 10) Compiles collection, disbursement, and bank-reconciliation reports.

  • 11) Operates office machines, such as typewriter, computer terminal, and adding, calculating, bookkeeping, and check-writing machines.

  • 12) May authorize various plant expenditures and purchases.

  • 13) May prepare payroll and paychecks.

  • 14) May issue itemized statement to customer.

  • 15) May be designated according to specialization as Agency Cashier; Cashier, Front Office.

  • 16) When disbursing money in payment of wages, materials, taxes, plant maintenance, and other company expenses, is designated Disbursement Clerk.




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