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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles capacitors for electric transmission equipment, using handtools and soldering equipment: Solders banded porcelain bushing to cover, terminal and tube to top of bushing, and tins areas of bushing holes in top cover, using stationary or hand gas-heating equipment.

  • 2) Covers bushings with protective cap to prepare covers for sandblasting, buffing, and degreasing.

  • 3) Folds, creases, and pounds insulation to fit over top of wound foil and tissue, using rawhide hammer.

  • 4) Hammers drive screws to fasten nameplate to capacitor.

  • 5) Places cover on capacitor and tightens seal-off screw to hold cover during assembly, using screwdriver.

  • 6) Twists goose-neck filler pipe to capacitor tank and removes pipe after impregnation.

  • 7) Inserts brass plug and seals plug with solder, using gas torch.

  • 8) May bolt capacitors to frames and connect capacitors in banks, using bare copper or insulated conductor.

  • 9) May repair capacitors and be designated Capacitor Repairer.




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End Of Job Description for: "CAPACITOR ASSEMBLER"
DOT:   729.684-014

Job Number: 1405