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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests, calibrates, and adjusts aneroid barometers to obtain specified performance, using handtools and test equipment: Places barometer in vacuum chamber and connects barometer to master barometer.

  • 2) Starts vacuum pump to decrease atmospheric pressure in vacuum chamber, and records variances of readings between aneroid and master barometer at different atmospheric pressures, manually or using computer.

  • 3) Calculates adjustments required and calibrates barometer, using handtools, or automatically calibrates barometer to specifications, using computer.

  • 4) Tests calibrated barometer to ensure calibration conforms to master barometer.

  • 5) Prepares and maintains manual or computerized test and calibration records.

  • 6) May test calibration of aneroid barometers, using radio frequency signals recorded on tape.

  • 7) May disassemble, inspect, and replace defective barometer parts.




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