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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates machine to fabricate steel cages used for reinforcing concrete pipe: Bolts lagging plates of specified size to expandable mandrel of machine to form drum for shaping and sizing cage.

  • 2) Threads wire from spindle through tensioning rollers and feeder arm of machine.

  • 3) Tack-welds ends of wire to bell-end of lagging plate and pulls lever to expand mandrel.

  • 4) Turns wheel on tensioner to regulate pressure on wire.

  • 5) Starts mandrel rotating as wire is fed through tensioning rollers on carriage which moves along track to space wire as it winds.

  • 6) Tack-welds wire to end of drum on completion of run and cuts wire with welding torch.

  • 7) Pulls lever to move welding and grounding wheels into position to hold rod in place and to form circuit for welding.

  • 8) Starts welding wheel to weld rod and wire at points of intersection.

  • 9) Breaks tack weld at ends of wire, using hammer and pulls lever to retract mandrel and loosen cage.

  • 10) Pulls cage from shaft by hand or aid of pneumatic winch.




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