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Job Description:

  • 1) Splices overhead, underground, or submarine multiple-conductor cables used in telephone and telegraph communication and electric-power transmission systems: Climbs utility poles or towers, utilizes truck-mounted lift bucket, or descends into sewers and underground vaults where cables are located.

  • 2) Cuts lead sheath from installed cable to gain access to defective cable connections, using hacksaw.

  • 3) Cuts and peels lead sheath and insulation from newly installed cables and conductors preparatory to splicing.

  • 4) Tests each conductor to identify corresponding conductors in adjoining cable sections, according to electrical diagrams and specifications, to prevent incorrect connections between individual communication circuits or electric power circuits, using test lamp or bell system.

  • 5) Cleans, tins, and splices corresponding conductors by twisting ends together or by joining ends with metal clips and soldering each connection.

  • 6) Covers conductors with insulating or fireproofing materials.

  • 7) Fits lead sleeve around cable joint and wipes molten lead into joints between sleeve and cable sheath to produce moistureproof joint.

  • 8) Fills completed sleeve with insulating oil.

  • 9) May work on energized circuits to avoid interruption of service.

  • 10) May locate and repair leaks in pressurized cable.

  • 11) May work on board marine craft when splicing underwater cable and be designated Jointer, Submarine Cable.




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