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Job Description:

  • 1) Purchases merchandise or commodities for resale: Inspects and grades or appraises agricultural commodities, durable goods, apparel, furniture, livestock, or other merchandise offered for sale to determine value and yield.

  • 2) Selects and orders merchandise from showings by manufacturing representatives, growers, or other sellers, or purchases merchandise on open market for cash, basing selection on nature of clientele, or demand for specific commodity, merchandise, or other property, utilizing knowledge of various articles of commerce and experience as buyer.

  • 3) Transports purchases or contacts carriers to arrange transportation of purchases.

  • 4) Authorizes payment of invoices or return of merchandise.

  • 5) May negotiate contracts for severance of agricultural or forestry products from land.

  • 6) May conduct staff meetings with sales personnel to introduce new merchandise.

  • 7) May price items for resale.

  • 8) May be required to be licensed by state.

  • 9) May be identified according to type of commodities, merchandise, or goods purchased.




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