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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends button machine that assembles buttons and inserts buttons into pillow and cushion shells prior to stuffing: Positions specified metal button dies in machine, according to work order, and flips switch to activate machine.

  • 2) Turns knob to set counter that tallies number of buttons assembled.

  • 3) Places button covers and metal button parts in specified sequence in dies and depresses pedal to activate automatic assembly cycle of machine.

  • 4) Picks up buttons from machine discharge bin and cuts away excess covering material, using scissors.

  • 5) Inserts one end of button ties into openings on back of buttons, places opposite end of ties into inserting tool, and pushes tool through precut holes in pillow or cushion shells.

  • 6) Removes ties from tool and inserts ties into openings of other buttons on opposite side of shells.

  • 7) Places assembled items in storage area.

  • 8) Periodically cuts additional button covers from specified fabrics, using handpress.




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End Of Job Description for: "BUTTON MAKER AND INSTALLER"
DOT:   734.685-014

Job Number: 1273