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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls converter and auxiliary equipment that combine hydrogen and nitrogen to produce anhydrous ammonia: Lights burner and starts pumps, compressors, scrubbers, and absorption units.

  • 2) Moves controls on panelboard to regulate temperatures of solutions and opens valves to admit heated and purified air and hydrogen into combustion chamber of burner, where nitrogen driven from air combines with hydrogen to form ammonia.

  • 3) Reads instruments, such as thermometers, pressure gauges, and potentiometers.

  • 4) Makes control adjustments according to operating instructions and charts.

  • 5) Pumps fresh solutions into scrubbing and absorption towers when readings indicate excessive alkalinity.

  • 6) Records operational data in logbook.

  • 7) May compute percentage of hydrogen and ammonia in burner gases, using standard test procedure.




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