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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends tanks, filters, and auxiliary equipment that produce brine solution for use in electrolytic cells: Pumps water through salt beds or starts conveyor bringing salt from storage area for dissolution in water, producing mixture of specified salt content.

  • 2) Admits salt water and specified amounts of liquid chemicals, such as caustic soda or acid, to mixing tank to produce brine solution meeting plant standard.

  • 3) Pumps solution to settling tank to settle out impurities and through sand-bed filters for final purification.

  • 4) Draws sample of brine for laboratory analysis or tests density, salt content, and acidity, using hydrometer, salinometer, and pH meter.

  • 5) Turns valves to transfer brine to electrolytic cells and maintain brine at specified levels in supply lines, tanks, and cells.

  • 6) May dump materials into brine to adjust chemical composition to plant standard, using titration test to determine strength of solution.

  • 7) May pump water through resin and carbon beds to demineralize it.

  • 8) May tend heat exchanger to maintain temperature of brine within specified limits.

  • 9) When pumping brine through filters only, is designated Brine Purifier.




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