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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends presses that mold cover material on bowling-ball cores preparatory to steam curing, performing any combination of following duties: Cuts rubber cover stock to approximate size, using knife, and lays specified number of rubber squares in mold half.

  • 2) Positions mold half under press ram and presses button to lower ram into mold to shape rubber.

  • 3) Places bowling-ball core in every other mold with marked, weighted area away from seam.

  • 4) Places cover, mold half on core, and pushes pins through mold flanges to hold halves in position.

  • 5) Places mold into press and presses button to lower ram and to mold cover to core.

  • 6) Pulls flash from mold seam and places or pounds brackets onto mold flange to hold mold together during curing.

  • 7) Opens press, pounds pins out of flange, and stacks mold on pallet.

  • 8) May clean cores prior to molding operations, using cabinet sandblast equipment.




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End Of Job Description for: "BOWLING-BALL MOLDER"
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Job Number: 1038