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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine that removes dirt, natural gums, and waxes from greige cloth preparatory to further processing: Lifts rolls of cloth to platform at feed-end of machine, using hoist.

  • 2) Inserts rod through center of roll and pushes roll onto machine brackets.

  • 3) Sews end of cloth roll to leader in machine, using portable sewing machine.

  • 4) Turns valves to admit caustic solution and steam to vats.

  • 5) Starts cloth winding from roll on to takeup beam in initial boiloff box and from initial boiloff box onto beams in subsequent boiloff and washboxes.

  • 6) Threads cloth from terminal washbox through squeeze rollers and doffs cloth from swing-folding attachment.

  • 7) Records cloth lot number, machine running time, and yardage of cloth processed.

  • 8) May measure distance between colored yarn markers on cloth selvage to determine shrinkage.




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End Of Job Description for: "BOIL-OFF-MACHINE OPERATOR, CLOTH"
DOT:   582.685-022

Job Number: 955