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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machines to cast blocks of type metal, mill blocks to specified size, and bond blocks to printing plates: Fills melting pot of stereotype casting machine with bars of metal alloy and sets thermostatic control.

  • 2) Tightens clamps on casting box cover and raises casting box to vertical position.

  • 3) Moves lever on melting pot to open pouring gate or ladles molten metal into honeycomb mold in casting box.

  • 4) Removes cast metal block from casting box after it has cooled and cuts to size on trim saw.

  • 5) Operates block leveling machine to mill block surface to specified height.

  • 6) Cuts sheet of thermoplastic bond film to size.

  • 7) Inserts film between plate back and block top and places assembly on sliding table of heat press.

  • 8) Makes proof of cut on transparent plastic sheet to verify color register, using proof press.

  • 9) Marks plates for filing.




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Job Number: 885