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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles, plants, and detonates charges of industrial explosives to loosen earth, rock, stumps, or to demolish structures to facilitate removal: Examines mass, composition, structure, and location of object to be blasted, estimates amount and determines kind of explosive to be used, and marks location of charge holes for drilling.

  • 2) Assembles primer and places primer with main charge in hole or near object to be blasted.

  • 3) Covers charge with mud, sand, clay, or other material and tamps firm to improve detonation and confine force of blast.

  • 4) Signals to clear area of personnel and equipment.

  • 5) Lights fuse or connects wires from charge to battery or detonator to detonate charge.

  • 6) May operate jackhammer, hand drill, or electric drill to bore holes for charges.

  • 7) May climb cliffs or banks to plant explosive charge, using ropes and safety harness, and be designated High Scaler.

  • 8) May set and detonate explosive charges to improve flow of water into wells and be designated Shooter, Water Well.




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