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Job Description:

  • 1) Feeds or off bears machines that automatically perform one or more operations to fold and cut printed sheets into signatures, assemble or gather sheets in specified sequence, or wire stitch or glue sheets to form books, magazines, catalogs, and pamphlets: Lifts stacks of sheets, pages, covers, or inserts from supply pallet and jogs stack on machine table to align edges.

  • 2) Flexes stack to ensure sheets are in specified order, following sample, or to admit air between sheets to facilitate suction-cup pickup.

  • 3) Places stacks into specified hoppers, pockets, or against guides on feed conveyor and replenishes stacks as needed.

  • 4) Observes feeding and pickup mechanisms to detect defective pages and removes defective pages from machine.

  • 5) Removes signatures, paperbound books, magazines, catalogs, or pamphlets from discharge conveyor.

  • 6) Observes discharge mechanism and notifies machine operator or machine setter of jams and excessive defective publications.

  • 7) Places defective publications aside to be salvaged or discarded.

  • 8) May thread wire from feed spool into stitching machine to load stitcher head.

  • 9) May push button to stop machine in case of jams.

  • 10) May count specified number of publications and tie them into bundles or place publications on strapping machine that wraps and seals reinforcing plastic bands around them.

  • 11) May keep daily production records.

  • 12) May be designated according to machine function as Folding-Machine Feeder; Gathering-Machine Feeder; Perfect-Binder Feeder-Offbearer; Saddle-Stitching-Machine Feeder-Offbearer; Side-Stitching-Machine Feeder-Offbearer.




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DOT:   653.686-026

Job Number: 794