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Job Description:

  • 1) Compiles data and types invoices and bills: Reads computer files or gathers records, such as purchase orders, sales tickets, and charge slips, to compile needed data.

  • 2) Enters information into computer or computes amounts due, using calculator.

  • 3) Types invoices, listing items sold, amounts due, credit terms, and dates of shipment, using typewriter or computer.

  • 4) Types bills of lading and lists weight and serial number of items sold, using specification book.

  • 5) May type shipping labels.

  • 6) May type credit memorandums to indicate returned or incorrectly billed merchandise.

  • 7) May type credit forms for customers or finance companies.

  • 8) May post transactions to accounting records, such as work sheet, ledger, or computer files.

  • 9) May be designated according to type of billing done, such as Bill-Of-Lading Clerk; C.

  • 10) O.

  • 11) D.

  • 12) Biller and Mail-Order Biller.

  • 13) If worker is involved with compiling and typing transportation billing documents and verifying related accounting records, see DOCUMENTATION-BILLING CLERK.




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