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Job Description:

  • 1) Examines, marks, measures, and prepares damaged, worn, and softbound publications for rebinding, following specifications: Reads job order for special instructions.

  • 2) Stacks publications on table and counts books or journals to ensure order is complete as listed on shipping or job slip.

  • 3) Removes cover and endpapers from book body or journal, using hands or scissors.

  • 4) Fans pages of publication and inspects publication for duplicate pages, incorrect numbering, and incorrect placement of pages.

  • 5) Removes advertisements, address cards, or coupons from publication as specified.

  • 6) Cuts and removes thread from spine of books, using scissors.

  • 7) Pulls staples, sensors, or spiral bindings from journals or other publications, using handtool.

  • 8) Measures and records book or journal dimensions on bindery slip.

  • 9) Locates, folds, and trims excess border from maps or other foldouts, using scissors.

  • 10) Inserts specified colored paper markers between pages to identify book body with foldouts or narrow edges for BOOK TRIMMER.

  • 11) May pull endpapers and reinforcing spine strip for attachment to book body.

  • 12) May remove dirt from cover, using cloth and cleaning solvent.

  • 13) May prepare and route slip and book case to printing or laminating area.

  • 14) May repair cover, using tape or glue.

  • 15) May operate machine to emboss name and address on nonmetallic plates.




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End Of Job Description for: "BENCH WORKER, BINDING"
DOT:   977.684-026

Job Number: 744