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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks to fit and assemble wood soundboard, cast metal plate, and wood bridges to wood frame to fabricate back panel of piano: Glues supporting ribs and bridges to soundboard and glues soundboard to frame, using electronic gluing machine, gluing machine, or gluing press.

  • 2) Screws back panel to frame to reinforce gluing, using screws and screwdriver.

  • 3) Notches ribs and back frame to specifications, using chamfering machine.

  • 4) Clamps metal back plate to back panel, using air-clamp table, and measures and marks location for plate, using ruler, calipers, template, or gauge.

  • 5) Shapes bridges to specified height, using template, gauge, plane, and sandpaper.

  • 6) Presses pedal to release air-clamp and removes metal plate.

  • 7) Marks with punch and drills holes in back panel to attach metal plate, using drill press.

  • 8) Locates, marks, and drills bridge pin holes, using template, punch, hammer, and portable drill.

  • 9) Notches treble bridge with shaper machine or handtools.

  • 10) Hammers bridge pins into holes.

  • 11) Repositions metal back plate on back panel and secures plate to panel with bolts and screws.

  • 12) Verifies alignment of plate with back and bridges, using gauges.

  • 13) Inserts shims or removes wood from frame to adjust level of plate to obtain specified alignment.

  • 14) Hammers wood bushings into tuning pin holes in plate.

  • 15) Hammers tuning pins into bushings.

  • 16) May drill holes in bushings, using drill press.

  • 17) May varnish soundboard and ribs.

  • 18) May grind metal plate bearing bar to specified size, using portable grinder.




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